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Terrible! Teenager ‘Stabbed To Death by 16-Year-Old After Row Over £90 Mountain Bike [Look]

A teenager was stabbed to death in a row over a £90 mountain bike, a court heard.



Alim Uddin, 17, was knifed seven times when he met the alleged killer to ask for his money back, jurors were told.

A 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is on trial at the Old Bailey accused of his murder on May 4.

He denies the charge.

Prosecutor David Jeremy QC said: “This defendant stabbed Alim Uddin to death.

“The reason, if there can be a reason, was that Alim Uddin had given the defendant £90 to buy a bicycle from him.

“The defendant did not provide the bicycle and he did not give his cash back so the two of them arranged to meet so, as Alim Uddin understood it, he could be repaid.

“He was angry that the defendant had ripped him off.

“There were on both sides expressions of youthful bravado but nothing that suggested it would lead to a killing.”


The victim went alone to meet the other boy at Tilford House in Brixton, south London, leaving his friends in a nearby park.

Just before 5pm on May 4, a resident at the block of flats heard a “thud” and discovered Alim collapsed on his doorstep.

He was pronounced dead at King’s College Hospital an hour later.

A post-mortem examination found seven stab wounds – four to the his chest, one to back, one to the shoulder and one to the thigh.

Mr Jeremy said: “The stab wounds suffered by Alim Uddin and the complete lack of injury suffered by the defendant paints a clear picture of how Alim Uddin came to his death.”

After the murder, the defendant was caught on CCTV going home.

Footage also showed him leaving a short time later carrying a bag and wearing a different top as he headed for a relative’s house.

When police searched his home, they discovered a blood-stained sweatshirt with DNA matching Alim’s on it, the jury was told.

The defendant had also taken clothes to a launderette but finding it closed, had soaked another top and a pair of jeans in the bath, the court heard.

Police found the clothes after they tracked down the defendant at the second address, along with a black bag, which contained the murder weapon with the handle wrapped in a glove, the court heard.

Mr Jeremy said: “He is painfully young, he is a boy of 16, but he is obviously highly forensically aware.

“He was doing everything to distance himself from the killing of Alim Uddin because at that stage, what he was doing was keeping his options open.”

The trial continues.

-The Mirror Reports

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