Home Entertainment Man Str1ps Wife Completely Nak£d for Dating Friend in Lagos (Details)

Man Str1ps Wife Completely Nak£d for Dating Friend in Lagos (Details)

An angry man in Amukoko area of Lagos State yesterday stripped his wife completely naked in public for dating his friend. And according to LEADERSHIP Weekend, this happened after the husband identified as Musibau trailed the love birds to their nest at a beer parlour, along Alaba Oro Road.

Musibau was said to have pulled his wife, Mulikatu out from the place and quickly tore her clothes, including her undies to shreds after all efforts made by customers at the bar to pacify him proved abortive.

An eye witness who identified himself as Kolawole disclosed that immediately the other man, Mufu saw what the woman’s husband was doing to his wife, he took to his heels. Musibau gave Mufu a hot chase but he was lucky to escape. Some women in the area brought a wrapper and blouse to cover Mulikatu’s nakedness. The woman had to borrow money from the sympathising residents who advised her to go to her relative’s residence to pass the night because her husband was so angry and could kill her.

Kolawole said while the women were blaming men for infidelity, the women blamed it on the men who could not provide for their families and also satisfy them sexually.

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