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See the Hollywood Actress who Bought SLS AMG GT Mercedez Benz Worth $250k

But the price is a drop in the ocean now that Kaley Cuoco is earning $1 million an episode on NBC’s The Big Bang Theory,The 28-year-old, who plays Penny in the sitcom, walked back to her brand-new supercar after a yoga class in Sherman Oaks, California, on Wednesday.

The actress showed off her toned and tanned body in a black and white vest cut low to reveal a hint of cleavage, black  micros shorts and flip-flops.The blonde covered her pixie-cut tresses with a white cap and protected her eyes with a large pair of sunglasses

She had her arms full with a rolled up turquoise mat and a bright pink bag from a Soul Cycle gym. Multi-tasking, she checked her smart phone as she strolled.







Kaley deposited most of her belongings in the trunk of her gleaming silver convertible.

Then she slid behind the wheel of her pricey Merc, hit the button to retract the roof so she could enjoy the California sunshine and drove off.

The star joined cast mates Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki in negotiating huge pay rises for the eighth season of the half-hour comedy that revolves around four science nerds and their friends.



The trio and other key cast held up production for a week while they haggled over pay.

Kaley, who married tennis pro Ryan Sweeting on New Year’s Eve, signed a 72-episode contract that will see her pull in $72 million over the next three seasons plus a cut of the back-end, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The Big Bang Theory is currently the number one comedy on television with an average of 20 million viewers per week.

The eighth season is set to premiere with an hour-long episode on September 22.




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