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Check Out the Crazy Beach Moments of your favourite Celebs [ see pics ]

It’s sunny! What better to do than go out in the beach and have a field day basking in the day and doing crazy stuff? I doubt anything could beat that. Highlighted is a comprehensive list on what to avoid on a day out in the beach lest you have grumpy eyes following you and taking random photos of you getting a little bit too crazy even for the hot sun. See them below…


Soaring like a Seagull

cris b

Chris Brown is known and famed for many things and unfortunately, crazy is among them. Well, other beach goers are probably wondering what’s transpiring here. Well, it can be one of these two things; he’s either to bored of all the other beach goers and just wants to scare them away or he deemed it right to scare away the seagull which was creating an unnecessary shade on him. In a jiffy, the seagull might just be tempted to drop a little bit of sanity squarely on him.

Solely For Protection Against the Sun


Doesn’t there exist a reason why a beach is secluded and coverless? Or is it a SPF of 100? For all beach goers, it is important to distinguish these two instances. It is permitted and actually quite understandable to be cautious of the sun rays given all the harm that science has attached to it of late. But then again, there is outright going overboard with the whole things and assuming that the skin will literally peel off. Take your pick!

Do You Really Have To Read About It?


This is really outright controversial. Those bold letters on the cover of the book are screaming loudly what is rather too obvious. On a second thought, we read it on the reader before reading it on the book cover. We also tend to wonder, are there supposed to be specific directions on how to go about it literally? Perhaps it’s just the reader but then again, you can’t just presume that it was all for nothing. There might just be some very complex logic behind it all.

Puffy Eyes Are Reduced by Cucumbers


Are you having puffy eyes this morning? There is a formula that always promises to work each single time you try it; cucumbers! Come to think of it; it might be that some individuals take advice given to them literally and quite honestly, too far. The beautician told you to use cucumber. He clearly didn’t recommend that you go ahead use the entire cucumber at a go. Though you might be having other reasons for doing it, it’s also not advised for you to go too far as to use the cucumber on your entire face.

Mrs. Clause and Santa at the Beach


Hey, you mean to say that it’s Christmas already? Clearly not, we presume. On another thought, maybe Christmas is coming way too early for the beach this year. Well, Santa is a myth that is sometimes misunderstood by the entire world. We don’t actually suppose that he is entirely busy at the North Pole throughout the year do we? When not in the North Pole minding of all the presents, this is exactly where he spends some fun time in the full glare of the sun. Enjoying the beach surrounded by misses.

That Tan Doesn’t Look Bad At All


There are obviously very many demeaning words in the vocabulary to describe this but we would rather just go with very ugly. It seems that this guy made a switch the wrong way round. We are quite used to everyone around making fun of all and sundry who happen to have a farmer’s tan. Seems like this one had worn boxers to tan and then suddenly decided to switch to a Speedo without caring to look and see which consequences that leaves behind right?

Oops !


We are of the opinion that some misinformed individual just decided to in for a swim but somehow forgot that he was in his car while at it. On the contrary, is this a family car and if so, is it just a coincidence that the family is in bathing suits? Well, perhaps the beach is becoming unpredictable by the day and one has to be very certain of where they are parking their car. Whoever decided to go swimming in the car is very lucky as he is just on the verge of being rescued.

So Many Things to Get Done


Men at times attract negative comments even when they so clearly don’t need them. It is therefore not a wonder when we see this one flaunting his not so pleasant body; what’s worse is that it is in a Speedo jeez! As for what is going on ‘behind his back’, even a plus size mirror wouldn’t help him unravel the mystery.

Watch Those Panty Lines


There is always a craze about the tan lines. Well, this woman is of the strong vindictive opinion that the tan lines decorating her chest should not be rubbed off under any conditions. She is clearly very concerned about them and in the process; she fails to see the bigger picture that is bound to have even far worse repercussions for her. Though she doesn’t seemingly mind that, all she minds about are the tan lines on her face. Can it get any weirder?

That’s Literally Digging In


If you were to be asked, what’s the most important purpose of putting on heels for the ladies? Most of you would be of the opinion that they make the butt look better for all those preying eyes. For crying out loud, this is the beach and it kind of beats logic as to why one would go in wearing such high heels. Would it be a quicksand scenario, both the heels and the wearer would all be gone within no time. It is literally heels in the beach.


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