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8 Reasons Your Ms. Right Might Actually Be Ms. WRONG! (Must See)

75% of the path to marriage lies in the selection process. Now, there isn’t any scientific theory to this number it’s merely my opinion gathered from coaching so many people.

It is my belief that the big reason so many marriages don’t last isn’t because marriage is so hard or because people “change,” it’s more so because people don’t put enough effort into the selection process when choosing life partners. We are so hungry for the wedding that we forget about the marriage part, and we are so excited about posting it on Facebook that we forget we actually have to live it in real life.


let’s focus on a few reasons why your woman might be Ms. Wrong.

1) It’s always all about her
Selfishness in a relationship is like a disease that spreads and manifests itself into all areas of the relationship. It starts with her being selfish about her time and resources, next thing you know she is being selfish about sex, and before you know it your needs are never being met but all of hers are. If everything is all about her you may be with MS. WRONG!

2) She is never happy and shows no appreciation
You work hard everyday, give her everything she needs and wants, and you’ve even sacrificed your happiness for hers yet she STILL never seems happy. She always has an attitude about something and she never stops to just say “THANK YOU, I APPRECIATE YOU.” If this is your woman she might be MS. WRONG because eventually you will need her to be happy and you will need appreciation to encourage you to keep going.

3) She can’t get along well with anyone. Ever.
Have you found yourself losing a lot of friends and even having to distance yourself away from family because your lady just can’t seem to get along well with anyone? You dread going to friend and family cookouts because you know it won’t turn out well? Oh and for some reason it always seems to be someone else’s fault too. She keeps the drama going and you are always caught in the middle. If she doesn’t love you enough to get along with the people you care about most she may be MS. WRONG.

4) She is always passive aggressive and uses the silent treatment often.
Communication is the most important skill in a relationship so if her idea of communication is being passive aggressive and giving you the silent treatment every time something is wrong with her then run for the hills! If she says one thing and means another and either way you lose she may be MS. WRONG!

5) She shows no nurturing qualities
As men we like to be taken care of and nurtured the same way women like to be protected and made to feel secure. Furthermore if you want a family you will need someone with nurturing abilities. Sure she may be a great career woman but if you want a family and she doesn’t have a nurturing spirit that can benefit you and your future children she may just be MS. WRONG!

6) She doesn’t support any of your endeavors
If you are a dreamer and have many things that you love to do yet she takes no interest in any of them then she may not be the woman for you. You are going to need the support of your woman to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. She can’t be a passive participant because you are going to need her to care about you and your life and if she doesn’t do this she may be MS. WRONG!

7) She has no friends outside of you
If she decided to drop all of her friends just because of your relationship then don’t be surprised when she doesn’t want you spending time with your boys. We all know we need time with our boys so she needs to have some friends outside of you so she can do the same. A smothering relationship will eventually get old and you will grow distant. If she doesn’t have any friends she may be MS. WRONG!

 8 ) She is insecure and distrusting
No one wants a nag for a mate! If you can’t step outside of the house without answering 21 questions or if you can’t leave your phone around without her needing to keep tabs on it then that tells you a lot. If she has no trust in you and you haven’t given her a reason to be distrustful then she may be MS. WRONG!
Sometimes as men we get so caught up in the physical and the intimate that we overlook the qualities and the substance. We like the attention we get from having the “trophy” on our arms, but we don’t have the foresight to see that eventually that attention will get old and we will be stuck with everything that’s underneath that beauty. If you think you are with MS. WRONG then marrying her is the last thing you want to do. CHOOSE WISELY MY FRIENDS!

Have you experienced any of these things with the women in your life?

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