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5 Reasons Why Women Cheat And How To Prevent It (Must See)

There are a lot of women that do not cheat on their partners. If they are happy with their partner and secure in their relationship, it is unlikely that most women will stray.

That being said, some women do cheat and there are some specific occasions where they are more likely to do it.


Read below to see when she might stray and how you can prevent as her partner.

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A survey conducted by Durex, in which 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed has ranked Nigerian women as one of the most unfaithful in the world. But what are the reasons?

  1. Age trigger

Decade and half-decade birthdays can be a hard time for a ladies. Women clocking such ages as 30, 35, 40, 50, etc might think about their life and its directions, and if it is not going the way they wants, she might want to correct this by having an affair.

Advice for men: be there for her. According to the statistics, there are two dates when any straight Nigerian woman wants a men in her bed: her birthday and the New Year’s Eve. Don’t leave her solo and don’t forget about the presents.

2. She got a promotion

Women, as much as men, love to achieve their goals.. And when she is able to conquer one of her job-related challenges, she might focus on another – her relationship. She might want to take some risk with her relationship, or might want to find excitement in the arms of another man. Also women who have big salaries are more likely to cheat. 

Advice for men: be with your girl. Celebrate all her accomplishments, even those ones which you consider to be unimportant. When she feels like you admire and respect her, she will feel valued at home as much as she does at work.

  1. You start to live together

Things change when you start to live together. When you share all the boring routine moments of your life, she can subconsciously think that you consider her to be boring too. And if there’s someone else around who finds her attractive and intriguing-and shows it-she might go for him instead. One survey found that 41 percent of women who’ve cheated did it with a coworker. Also, after moving in, women start dreaming about engagement or marriage.

Advice: Talk with her about the future and make it clear that you want her in your future.

4. She thinks you have cheated

Affair as a revenge is very common. Women sometimes do this to restore their self-esteem and feel attractive and desirable again. 

Advice: If you cheated or are cheating, confess. Try to apologize. If you were not cheating you have got a paranoid girlfriend. Maybe she has low self-confidence. So you should try to compliment her sincerely and often. Make her feel better about herself.

5. She wants to break up with you

One more reason on why woman might cheat – She is about to dump you. So she may cheat to have a reason to do so.

Advice: Let her go. She is not your woman.

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