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Sad Video of a boy slapping his mum after finding her high on drugs (Photos + Video)

A 9 year boy who found his mum high on heroine on the street, slapped the shit out her in a shocking video that was posted on instagram. The distraught little boy can be heard screaming “mummy, wake up.


Can you talk to me? Wake up” while the woman stares blankly at him, making him slap her again and again. Feel so sad for the child. With a mum like this, he’s probably raising himself. He shouldn’t have hit her like that but I can understand his frustration.


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  1. I can feel the pain and fear in the little boy's eye. I can feel the love and shame in the mother's heart. I just wish she gets over this trying stage. Once upon a time, I was in such mess. GOD is great is all I can and will say.

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