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Why I Married Ese Walter Despite The $éx Scandal ––Husband

The wedding of Ese Walters to her heartthrob, Benny Ark, remains the biggest Valentine story of the year. Only last year, Ese had alleged that she had an affair with a popular Abuja-based pastor. Her accusations created waves across the country, even as she said that she opened up to clear her conscience of any guilt.

In this interview with SUN, her husband fondly called the ‘Ark of Cool’ by his fans, opens up:

Ese and Benny 1

Your frequent support for women must have earned you a whole lot of female attention. You got married recently, what is hard picking a wife?

The process of meeting the right woman was quite tiring and sometimes painful. But when I got past the process, I made my choice quickly. I looked at a number of things before picking a wife – from the external and internal qualities, to the woman who can follow me on my journey. I can even say the process took up to eight years, but when I was through with the process, the decision was instant.

You got Married to the lady who EXPOSED what could be described as the rot in a popular Abuja church. When she made the revelation of her regret over the affair with the popular pastor, how did the people around you react when you picked her as your wife?

Amazingly, the people around us were supportive and understanding. It was some outsiders who were not privy to a whole lot of stuff that were making some kind of remarks. But the truth is, we were just friends when she told me about what happened. I was pained and hurt because here was a man who I held in high esteem. I only told her to do what she had to do because she felt like she was enslaved by something she didn’t have control over. And when she tried to reach out for disclosure that would have led to her healing, she was treated badly by some people who sent the message that some person is untouchable. I can tell you that she reached out not once or twice.
In the end, she did what she did for her peace of mind and to encourage others who are in a similar situation. She opened up not because she is the boldest person; she knew that she was taking a big risk. But she opened up because she is someone who has a conscience and will not stand for something wrong. Her making that bold move endeared her to me. When she came out with the truth, I believed her, having heard the same story two or three times from other women. When she spoke out, she was attacked. But I believe that with her simple act of speaking the truth, she not only liberated herself but also other women in a similar situation.

Now that you are married, what are your hopes and dreams?
Some people describe marriage as settling down. But I don’t agree with that assertion because an individual ought to be settled before getting into marriage. For me, getting married is starting the journey to the fulfillment of what God created me for. My purpose is to promote love, hope and faith among the people around me. There is a whole lot of abuse going on in relationships with the women at the receiving end.

And it is not supposed to be so. This is why we all have to spread the message of love until we heal relationships. So, the hope I have for my union with a woman I love so much, a woman who is a sweet companion to me is that we will reach out to men and women promoting the right values for a good marriage. I cannot change everybody but I am going to spark up the thought that marriage should be enjoyed and it should be the vehicle to the fulfillment of life’s purpose.



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