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Attention!! 13 simple ways to be more appealing to your man

Ways to be sexier – Men are simple creatures and when it comes to getting sexy for them, putting in too much effort can only intimidate them, and make them feel they have to rise to some challenge. The sexiest things you do, you do naturally.Like this.


Ways to be sexier 411vibes

1. Pick an outfit out in front of him:While men may not have the fashion vocabulary to talk to you about your new outfits, they love when you simply get dressed in front of them—putting on different tops, cocking your head to the side, turning around to get a rear view. Watching you analyze your own beauty is a turn on for men.

2. Boast about yourself: Being cocky is never attractive, but having confidence always is. If you really worked hard to earn something or achieve something, men love it when you allow yourself to enjoy that and take pride in it. 

3. Wear your hair up: Men love your neckline. The tight, formal up-dos intimidate them. But they love that moment when you’re quickly tossing your hair into a bun before bed, or while washing your face.

4. Support his passions: Men are always revved up after seeing their favorite football team play, or going for a ride on their bike, or fishing, or whatever it is they’re into. And they’re even more revved up if you somehow contributed to that happening – maybe by buying them a great new fishing rod, or telling them about a biker convention happening in town. They’re twice as excited if they feel you are too.

5. Tease his quirks: Nothing makes a person feel seen and understood like having their quirks teased. When your boyfriend is doing something that is just so him, point it out, and kiss him right after. Making him feel loved for being uniquely him is a huge turn on.

6. Cook for him: Call them old fashioned, but even modern men love a woman who cooks. Even if you’re not the greatest chef in the world, men love the idea of you taking the time to feed them. And they love to watch your hands work with food, and your hips sway in an apron.

7. Do something understated and thoughtful: If your guy simply mentioned his pillow is too fluffy and he comes home to find you bought him a new one, or he was out of deodorant so you picked some up, he’ll adore you. Realizing you’re paying attention to the details makes a man feel extra safe, and that’s a turn on.

8. Go braless: Women forget the power of the Areola. Going braless in public might embarrass you and your man, but taking the liberty to let the girls hang loose in the privacy of your home, in a tank top or t-shirt, is something any man would like to see.

9. Do your passion in front of him: Sculpt in front of him, teach your yoga class in your home, play the piano. Your talent and your passion excite your man. Plus men love to see the other sides of you, besides just ‘girlfriend.’

10. Make him laugh: If you can make him laugh, that’s a major plus. If you can make his friends laugh, he can’t wait to take you to bed. Men agree everywhere that a humorous woman is a sexy woman.

11. Hit on him at an unexpected time: Next time he’s simply perusing cereal while you’re out shopping, come up close behind him and whisper in his ear how fine he is. Half the enjoyment of sex is the anticipation, and you can get that started much earlier than you think.

12. Hug him tight: We underestimate the power of a quality hug. Your stomachs touching, your face in his chest, the scent of your hair under his nose. It’s an all-enveloping type of intimacy, and it’s so easy.

13. Smile more: Even if you’re just cleaning the kitchen, or working on your laptop – take a moment to look up and smile at your man as often as you can. Knowing his presence makes you happy gives him confidence.

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