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Ways a man expresses love for you without words (Must See)

These are the ways a man expresses love without words: He lets everyone around him know you and who you are to him. so when he receives a call and he tells the person on the other end of the line he is hanging with *insert your name here* and the person automatically knows who you are, it means he has let the world know who runs his world.


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He is willing to be scrutinized and made to feel slightly uncomfortable just for you. Whenever you tell him to come with you to a family function of yours where those your lousy and silly cousins make him feel very uneasy, he has no problem with going all the way for you. That is a man who doesn’t care about the trouble that comes with sticking with you. That Is a man who is probably head over heels with you and is in for the real deal.

He surprises you often with your favourite perfume, chocolate, labels and everything that is your favourite. It means the man cannot wait to see you smile and that means you mean the world to him.

He watches your best program on TV, even if it is Keeping Up With The Kardashians, knows your best song by heart and watches all the things you love to watch with you. A man who spends all this time with you just might be so much in love with you.

Your opinions matter to him. whatever you say about a particular situation doesn’t fall on deaf ears, because he listens and he takes it into consideration.

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