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OMG!! See what Peter Okoye and wife did against Jude in his traditional wedding (Look)

Peter and wife fight with Jude Okoye – We were made to believe that all was well and good in the PSquare family and that the Okoye boys are back in one accord. Jude Okoye even tweeted some weeks back that Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola, was not the cause of their disagreement and that whatever was the cause, they’ve settled their issues and moved on.
But OF observed that Peter Okoye and his wife waited patiently to pay back Jude Okoye in his own coin, he missed their elaborate traditional wedding. The peacemaker in their family, Paul Okoye and his wife were visibly present at their elder brother, Jude Okoye’s wedding but Peter and Lola were missing.
Many spoke secretly, wondering what happened. Now Peter Okoye has shown us what is happening…
The guy was busy enjoying himself with some of his friends in Lagos and he made sure he posted the picture of him and his friends chilling, to prove he is very much around and intentionally ignored his brother’s wedding.
When will this fight end in the Okoye family?
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  1. This is silly, very silly and uncalled for. He really did'nt need to take a picture to prove to people he didn't attend his blood brother's wedding.

  2. Jude, who happens to be the eldest, started this craziness, I remember he too, uploaded a picture of him chilling with some celebrities on the day of Peter's wedding. So, don't blame them.

  3. My momma always warned me about marrying bad wives, see how women don wreck peaceful home.. Lola, Lola derris Jahhh ohhhhhhhhhh. This suffereth you are suffering this home, derriss Jahhhhhh ohhhh. =D

  4. That's dr own business. I pity them cos if they continue like this 1 day they will be 4gotten just like style plus. Bunch of fools, that surpse 2 be rol models but instead busy washing dr dirty linien outside. U guyz better know its difficult 2 be rich and famous but more difficult to remain rich and famous. 4 peter He is just a boyfool.

  5. Thanks nedu,they are not matured and they only think it's about money and getting to the top,those guys shud beta wake up and settle their family instead of turning it into a reality tv show.
    its a pity their mother is no more to talk sense into their head.

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