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Olu Maintain reveals source of his wealth – See how he makes crazy money!

Over the years, it has been speculated that Nigerian singer, Olu Maintain is an internet fraudster popularly called ‘Yahoo Boy’ in Nigeria. The reason for this is because of the lavish lifestyle the singer lives and also because of his breakthrough single, ‘Yahooze’, which some said promotes the illicit business.


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In an interview with HipTV, the singer revealed that he is not a ‘Yahoo Boy’ and has no ties whatsoever with internet fraud and scams. He attributed his wealth to other non-music related activities.

Mr Olu revealed expressed shock at the thinking of some people, and revealed that there is more to his success, fame and wealth other than music, which he is known with. He explained that he capitalized on his fame to venture into other business ventures, which he says has paid off.

He disclosed that what pays his bills his brand, which is Olu Maintain.

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