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Photos: Omg! See the popular Nigerian actress that says she will wreck another woman’s marriage! (Look)

Nkiru Sylvanus says she is ready to wed a married man – I’ve said it before, soon and very soon, many lady will get to 40 and still remain single if they don’t start thinking outside the box like NS because there are more women than men! Go to churches, the number of single ladies is in most cases three times the number of single guys. And some the guys are even jobless, no good jobs.


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Well, some ladies are beginning to realise their folly and one of them has taken the lead to break away from the craze. Actress Nkiru Sylvanus has declared that she is ready to marry another woman’s husband.

Speaking on Channels Tv’s Sunrise programme on Saturday, Nkiru said if the first wife wont make troubles she is ready to move in and make the man more happy just the way it used to be from time immemorial.

In her words: “If the situation and the person is good I would go for it”

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  1. You should be ashame of yourself. It is women like you that give us a bad name. How can someone who is decent say such rubbish?

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