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Federal Government arrests popular Nigerian politicians who are aiding Boko Haram (Look)

The Federal Government today July 9th said it has arrested some politicians over evidence of their ties with the dreaded terror sect, Boko haram.

Speaking at a news briefing today at the National Information Centre Abuja, the Coordinator of the Joint Information Centre for Security, Mike Omeiri, said following the recent arrest of some members of Boko Haram in Bauchi and Borno states, some materials retrieved from them after detailed investigation had evidential links with the politicians they have arrested. He however declined to disclose the names of the politicians.

Nigerian politicians arrested for aiding Boko Haram - 411Vibes.netNigerian politicians arrested for aiding Boko Haram - 411Vibes.net

Also speaking, the spokesperson for the State Security Service SSS, Marilyn Ogar accused the #bringbackourgirlscampaign of running bank accounts. She said the Nigerian security agents have information that the #Bringbackourgirls campaign now operate bank accounts and also compel members to register and carry tags before joining.
In a swift reaction, the convener of the #bringbackourgirls campaign and a former Minister of Education, Dr Oby Ezekwesili in a telephone interview with Channels TV this night, refuted the claims made by the SSS spokesperson.

“It’s absolute falsehood. In fact I call it a cocktail of falsehood. We don’t need bank account. This is strictly a citizens movement and neither do we need to register members. There is no person who walks over to the Unity Fountain that has not participated in our meetings. There is absolutely no truth to that and I think that should really worry Nigerians that our own state security sadly could actually put out such….I don’t even know what to call it”.

Asked how the campaign is being funded, Dr Ezekwesili said;

“Well its very simple. The needs that we have are so basic. Its the Tee shirts and I can see some of the people in tee shirts and I can see some of the people wearing those face caps, that’s all we need and what normally happens is that all these members you see there, some bring in 10 Teeshirts, some 100. There is nothing that will need any kind of money, so you know this is really a pedestrian kind of falsehood” she said


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  1. After making life miserable for the people ,killed many soldiers , students that are sleeping and innocent pedestrian ……… Mr senator Ali ndume a.k. (the destruction ) and captain Ibrahim jamare must pay ….. For the act and fostration they have done to this great nation …..

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