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How to approach a woman in public and win her heart (Must See)

How to approach a woman in public and win her heart theinfong.com on love and relationship 700x519How to approach a woman in public – We have been receiving emails from guys asking how they can boldly approach a girl in public. Some men are naturally shy while some don’t even know how to start. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple and a lot easier than when she’s alone. Here, we have put this down to help you be a man, Lol. Read carefully to the end.


1. Make Eye Contact:

If you see someone you’d like to meet, try to make eye contact before talking to her. Once you catch her eye, try to maintain eye contact.

If you repeatedly make eye contact with someone, it could be a sign that she wants you to approach her. Three glances from a girl might signal that she’s interested.

Why are eyes so powerful? Science seems to suggest that eye contact activates our brain’s reward center, the ventral striatum. What does this mean? Our DNA is telling us that someone staring at you is cause for celebration!

Smile. A friendly smile is a great way to show someone that you’re interested in them. If she returns the smile, that’s a good sign that she might be interested.

Once you’ve exchanged a few glances and a smile, check her body language. This will give you a better idea if she’s actually interested.

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  1. What if I break the ice by asking, `I couldn't help but notice how your dress code matches your attitude, though I haven't spent enough time with you but I know that you are a good girl.` HOW BOUT THAT?

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