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Girl reveals how she had $ex with Davido in USA, Spills details out! (Photos)

Girl reveals how she – Good Morning peeps! yet another tea spilling today…lol. Seems like we are in the age of groupies dishing dirt on celebs… Whether its true or a lie it depends on what you conclude…


American girl reveals how she had $ex with Davido 411vibes

So a loyal blog reader Vera on BBM drew my attention to a chick based in New York who claims she had a one night stand with rave of the moment Davido. The crack head looking overly piereced and tatooed girl who uses the Facebook name Slimzy Sharp blinks, claims she is from Louisiana, New Orleans but resides in New York…

As if that was not enough, she went on to share more messages that seemed as though she was apologizing to Davido for squealing about their alleged s3x romp.

I don’t know if her accusations are true or false for all we care she could be living out her fantasies on her Facebook page or just maybe she is seeking media attention.

What i do know for sure from my own little digging is that the chick is a Ghanaian and her real name is Abigial. Not sure is if she is based in Ghana or New York as she claims.

In my own opinion Davido is too classy for this chick. Haba! She looks too razz and unkempt for him na don’t you agree?

Continue to see more photos of her below..

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  1. Atleast show us a pic wey you snap with omobaba b4 una go d hotel, then we will take your rants serious. #Oloshi

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