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11 Ugly Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Made It

UGLY is a big word just as the word HATE and we are sorry we are using it on people today, but for those who can read and understand, I’m sure you will understand after reading this.

Growing up, I had only two problems, one, the fact that my parents were not rich enough to pamper me like other kids and two, the fact that I wasn’t good looking. I’m not ugly but not the best-looking guy, I’m not tall either and we all know that these are the features women seek in a guy.


Of course I haven’t been the luckiest guy when it comes to girls. Occasionally, I will find a decent one and mostly the not-so-good-looking ones will show me love. It’s normal and part of life. One thing I’ve learnt in life is that it’s good to embrace who you are, that is your physical appearances, it will help you achieve higher heights if you love beyond your physical appearance.

Whoever said good looks don’t aid in life’s success was probably lying to you. There are so many people who have been successful solely because of their looks like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Justin Bieber etc and in Ghana we can mention a few like Kevin-Prince Boateng, Junior Agogo, President J.D. Mahama. The likes of Van Vicker, John Dumelo, Dr. Cryme, Juliet Ibrahim and more are not on top of their careers solely because of their talent but partly because of their looks.


Edem2When Edem released his breakthrough song, many people praised him for his talents whilst many also fingered him for his bad looks. Many people know that Edem is not a handsome guy but lyrically he’s on top. Edem faced his only fear and today he’s getting a peck from Becca, Juliet Ibrahim and more. He has dated Confidence Haugen and a couple of hot girls. Edem recently got married. All I can say is, most times life is way beyond how you look. Edem is on top of his career and making himself proud each day.



There’s a difference between being born ugly and making yourself ugly. Macho Rapper is not the best looking guy but he has worsened it by lifting metals which has made him look more scary. Well we can’t say Macho Rapper has made it but at least he tried or he is on his way.



bisa_kdeiBisa Kdei has an eye problem, he is “Aluukume (Ani Kyew)”. He’s alright looking, nothing special but that didn’t stop him from becoming the prolific singer he has become today. God bless him for his input in Ghana music. Long-live Bisa Kdei.



waddCriss Waddle of “Ayi” fame is on top of his game, he’s skinny, short and not the best looking guy but from what we hear, he’s very RICH of his own hustle and famous thanks to his 2012 hit song “Ayi”. His elder brother is Kwesi Pee.



shatta_wale_awShatta Waleeeeeeee! He has really been through it all, when it comes to good looks, Shatta Wale is not the guy to call but musically, he will make a decent 5-figure from an hour’s work. He looked way beyond his looks and chased his musical dreams, today he’s playing shows abroad and all over the country. If you think he’s bad looking, you might want to check out how good looking his bank account is, and that is where the power lies. He’s currently the most popular artiste in Ghana.


Funny-FaceEvery time Funny Face is interviewed he talks about his struggles and we feel his pain. Being a comedian in Ghana is not a lucrative job, except if you are KSM or look like Kevin-Prince Boateng. Funny Face has been through it all, but today he is the most popular comedian and arguably the richest. He makes a killing by appearing in commercials for brands like Magic Malt, Vodafone, OLX and more. Don’t look at what you don’t have, but rather look at what you can do. He started off with a TV show called “Chorkor Trotro” and today he’s at his peak, getting free luxury gifts from Adebayor the footballer and more.



agya-kooAgya Koo was the one time king of Kumawood, without him a Kumawood movie won’t sell. He’s not a handsome person but very talented. He has acquired wealth through the countless movies he has featured in and it had nothing to do with his looks


liwin_mtnI personally don’t think Liwin is that funny, but what makes him surge in his career is the fact that he embraced his ugly looks, ventured into acting and today look at where he is. Liwin is on top of his career because he is not handsome, makes the weirdest facial expression. Today he has deals with MTN, Coca Cola and makes a killing from the movies he makes. He is the top-notch star in the Kumawood movie sector and beyond.


obrafour (1)Obrafour is by-far the best rapper in Ghana. He is a living legend and highly-praised for his massive input into Ghana music. Obrafour is 5.0 foot tall, he is not the best looking guy either but he has warmed the hearts of many Ghanaian music listeners and paved way for many young ones who were interested in the industry. Obrafour is arguably the most worshiped rapper in Ghana.


king_ayisoba_625x351_01All the way from the Northern Region, King Ayisoba came through with his locally-made guitar and wowed everybody. His songs are culturally-influenced. He won artiste of the year that year. King Ayisoba don’t play shows in Ghana but makes most of his money from abroad. He is on the way to joining legends like Fela, Afro Mosses, Atongo and more. King Ayisoba is very much not handsome and has a rotten teeth. How more can a person look not-fine. But hey, he is on top of his game and that is what matters.

NB: We don’t aim to defame or diss as we can’t create a human being but the morale of this article is to encourage those who are sitting home and thinking they are too ugly, too short, too bad looking, too skinny, too lame to make a difference. Try thinking of these famous stars. Your destiny is in your hands, your looks have nothing to do with what you will become. It’s only deceiving you and as a matter of fact, there is always a reason to everything. Wake up, rise, go out and make a difference. Don’t underestimate yourself because of your looks, it surely was not your fault that you look that way. I hope I made sense. Keep visiting theinfong.com

Thanks for understanding


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