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”Wizkid In My Type Of Man” – Rihanna

Lately, various reports have been floating around social media about Rihanna and Wizkid spending time in the studio probably in the quest to release a single off the Wizkid’s forth-coming album.


According to Wizkid on 23rd of June, 2014, who tweeted ” 2 great amazing studio sessions today! Plus @rihanna called me amazing! love her! lol”.


When personally asked about how the time he spent with Rihanna went, he looked so generous sharing the story he would forever remember.

He said “mehn, I’m a confirmed starboy, Rihanna confirmed it. We had a great time in the studio and also spent time to hangout so as to know each other better.

She said I’m amazing and I’m her type of man, she also said she’d love to spend more time with me whenever I’m not on tour or busy but how can I be too busy for Rihanna na? *bursts into hysterical laughter*”

TON asked Wizkid if Rihanna would be his next baby mama but he refused to comment saying “one step at a time”


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