Home Entertainment ‘Pistorius shot and killed girlfriend intentonally’ – Experts say (See Details)

‘Pistorius shot and killed girlfriend intentonally’ – Experts say (See Details)

Many weeks after his trial was put on hold so he can get psychiatric evaluation to determine if he was

mentally ill when he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, in his home in February 2013, a report has been released.




A panel of mental health experts has concluded that Oscar Pistorius was not suffering from mental illness when he killed Reeva, the chief prosecutor at his murder trial said today.

The mental experts, a psychologist and 3 psychiatrists all agreed that Oscar understood the gravity of his act when he shot Reeva through a closed toilet door. The request for evaluation came after his defence team brought a psychiatrist who testified that Oscar had an anxiety disorder, because of his disability, that could have contributed to the shooting. His trial resumed today after a 1-month break.

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