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13 most disturbing acts of racism committed in history

Acts of racism:  All humans are created equally, but it seems like it’s taken a long time for us to realize that as a society. Even in 2016, horrifying acts of racism occur every day.... Read more »

10 conspiracy theories about Tupac you never knew

About Tupac: On September 13th, 1996, the world lost a hip-hop legend. Or, so it seemed. Tupac Shakur was known for his poetic, yet controversial, lyrics and gold-certified hits such as... Read more »

Top 12 hottest female rock stars in music history (With Photos)

Hottest female rock stars: In the music industry, rock and roll has been a predominantly male dominated genre since its inception, and that trend has followed the genre to this day.... Read more »

13 quotes that changed the world forever (With Pictures)

Quotes that changed the world: The television was a revolution in technology that changed practically everything about the world. News became more real as did entertainment. No longer... Read more »

11 Spine-chilling facts about the Colombian Cartel – This w...

Facts about the Colombian Cartel: “Say hello to my little friend,” is one of the most famous lines in cinematic history. The movie in which it came from is called Scarface (duh), and the actor... Read more »

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