5:25 am - Wednesday March 29, 2017

The best dressed men from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards (Photos)

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Best dressed men for Golden Globe 2017: What was the last thing you wore to a party? Designer pair of jeans, perhaps. A spanking new pair of Nikes, maybe. We’re guessing it wasn’t a tuxedo that cost half of your yearly rent. Look on and gaze in a jealous anger at all the best dressed men from the 2017 Golden Globe Awards, all the while weeping onto your highstreet outfit in the newfound knowledge that you are a common peasant in comparison.


Billy Bob Thornton


No, he didn’t win a Golden Globe for Bad Santa 2. It was for some Amazon Prime show called Goliath. But what Billy Bob should’ve won an award for was matching his gold shades with his modern skinny tie.

A cocky statement that suggests he knew he had an award in the bag? The man got Angelina Jolie to wear a vial of his blood around her neck, so we wouldn’t put it past him.

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