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8 signs your man is not making love to you, he’s just s*xing’ you!

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Signs your man is not making love to you : There’s a huge difference. HUGE. Sex is heavy stuff. When you get into bed with someone, unless you’re looking for a one-night stand, you’re wanting someone who cares as much about you as they do about themselves. All that stuff about two becoming one may sound like bullsh*t, but it’s a saying for a reason: when you have sex, you want to meld into the other person. Sex isn’t just about getting off, but about being with that other person…


Except when it’s not.

You need to know the difference between making love and f*cking. Sure, you know the actual difference: someone who cares more about getting off than they do the other person, but can you tell the difference in practice? Are you sure you’re with someone who wants to make love, not f*ck?

Here’s how to tell he’s just f*cking you.

1. He cares more about getting off than he cares about you.

During sex, everyone wants to get their cookie. But when he does things that disregard your comfort or pleasure in order to get off, there’s no togetherness there. He’s just f*cking you.

For example, if he’s f*cking you too deeply and too hard, you ask him to slow down, and he doesn’t, not only is he just f*cking you, he’s also getting really close to rape.

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