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12 Illuminati secrets we are not supposed to know – This will make you shiver (With Pictures)

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Illuminati secrets: There are as many conspiracy theories as there are people in the world, yet some are more believable than others. Also, there’s no smoke without fire, right? Sometimes it’s just the yellow press blabbering some nonsense to get more readers, and sometimes more legitimate sources express the very same ideas but with much more believable facts to support them. Then there are special symbols that have existed for hundreds of years and have appeared here and there throughout human history.


Who created them and what do they mean? Here are 12 facts about the most famous secret society in the world – Illuminati.

‘The Enlightened Ones’

That’s what the world ‘Illuminati’ means in Latin. Supposedly, people who belong to the Illuminati have more knowledge about science and the world in general than those people who are not in the club.

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